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National Soccer Coach Course

The National Soccer Coach Course "C", online is aimed at those people who want to start training in male and female formative football and do not have the possibility of traveling regularly to the venues where the courses are held.

The design and methodology of the course follow the guidelines of the face-to-face courses and are adapted to be an effective teaching, with exercises in each of the topics and complementary tools that will help you later start as a Level 1 coach (Soccer Instructor- Base).

In these stages, where children are at ages to absorb everything that surrounds them, training football offers us a series of benefits for the players, the only person responsible for this training is not only the coach, but also the participation of all the players. teammates is also important, as is the work of parents (at home and on the field), as well as that of the referees themselves, who, exercising the role of "judges", have to teach rather than sanction.

The price of this course will be $350


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