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Professional Coach

In this course you will be able to obtain the Cenafe Diploma. Its objective is to provide students a online training that guarantees to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills that allow them to develop his work through technical competition on a soccer team at the state level.

a) Common Subjects: Composed of transversal modules of a general scientific and technical nature, which are coincident and mandatory for all sports modalities and specialties of football.

b) Specific Subjects: Contains the sports training modules of a scientific and technical nature typical of the Football specialties.

c) Complementary Subjects: Includes complementary training modules in Spanish.


The price of this course will be $800.


Common Block:

  1. Sports Biomechanics
  2. High Performance Training
  3. Effort Physiology
  4. Psychology of High Sports Performance
  5. Sociology of High Sports Performance

Specific Block:

  1. Team Management III
  2. Football III teaching and training methodology
  3. Physical Preparation III
  4. Rules of the Game III
  5. Sports Safety II
  6. Tactics and Game Systems III
  7. Individual and collective technique III

Complementary Block:

  1. Technical English