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Soccer Goalkeeper Coach

Would you like to train to be able to develop professionally as a youth soccer goalkeeper coach? The Youth Soccer Goalkeeper Trainer Course, offered and taught by Cenafe Escuelas, will provide you with all the knowledge and skills necessary for you to be able to put into practice, professionally, goalkeeper training techniques in youth soccer.

Cenafe Escuelas gives you the opportunity to train with this Goalkeeper Coach Course with which you can train comfortably from a distance so that in the blink of an eye you acquire all the knowledge around the training of these players.


Thanks to the course you will be able to train in all the necessary aspects easily and comfortably, without having to meet certain schedules and without having to leave home. You do not have to worry about anything because we put our specialized tutors at your disposal, who will guide you throughout the process.


The price of this course will be $350



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