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Sports Director Course

A Sport Director will be in charge of managing the processes to raise the club's sporting level. They must be able to efficiently manage the club's resources (economic, financial, human, technical, technological, information and infrastructure) in order to maximize the club's operational results through the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

To be a sports director, you must see the club as a whole, never forgetting that sport is highly social, unpredictable and also fulfills a social function. You must be a professional with knowledge, responsibility and ethics.

The success of its management will depend on its capacity, its availability and the possibility of creating a reliable structure. It does not necessarily have to be the executor of the club's strategies, but it does have to be the manager so that all of them are correctly carried out.

Among the functions of the Sports Director, it is worth highlighting:

Sports area:
Build a competitive workforce in the field and profitable in the market.

Create a consistent and stable game model as the club's soccer hallmark.
Implement the template and methodological guidelines.
Establish efficient and competitive performance.
Establish an adequate methodology for the training of footballers in the subsidiary and dependent teams

Business Area:
Planning and monitoring of the club's management.

Communication processes, relationships and alliances
Business model
Marketing plan
Leadership and Human Resource Management
Information, data and technology management
Facility management: safety and prevention


The fundamental objective of the Sports Director Course is to train professionals by providing them with the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to assume the highest levels of responsibility with regard to the performance of tasks in activities of the profession of Sports Director of Soccer.

The price of this course will be $350.



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